FAQ - Personal Training

Is personal training right for me?
Some new clients ask if personal training is going to work for them. The best way we can answer that is to explain how we have a wide range of clients training towards different health and fitness goals. Some people are looking to lose weight while others want to build muscle whilst want to take their fitness to an elite level. No matter what you want to achieve, personal training will be the fastest and most effective way of getting there.

Do you cater for all fitness levels?
Absolutely!  Our sessions are designed so that no matter what your fitness level, you will always receive a workout that will challenge your abilities.  We train people who are new to exercise, right through to experienced/professional athletes whilst providing everyone with a workout “That’s right for you!”

What should I wear and bring?
We recommend that you wear comfortable sports clothing and proper sports shoes.  We also recommend that you bring a bottle of water and a towel for your comfort.

What kind of exercise will I be doing?
Our classes will give you a full body workout, including both cardiovascular & strength training.  Cardio training may include: running, boxing, jogging, skipping, walking, running up hills… stairs… or other!.  Strength training may include:  Lunges, squats, push-ups, dips, use of medicine balls, resistance bands, your own body weight & park resources.  Boxing features a lot in our classes due to the multiple benefits & the level of fun!

What if it rains / is too hot, etc?
We train in all conditions and aim to find suitable training areas to accommodate.  If it’s raining, we endeavour to find shelter.  If it’s too hot, we find shade.  And we structure the programs accordingly, for your health & safety.

Is it one on one or group training?
We offer one on one training and one on two training this enables you to train with a friend, family member or by yourself.  There is the option of group sessions (boot camp)

Is the training inside or at a local park?
It’s completely up to you.  At Get Fit we are flexible with our delivery so we can come to you where and whenever you like.

Do I need a medical clearance?
It is your responsibility to gain medical clearance to participate. If you are male and over 40, female over 45, have not exercised for two years or more or have a current or recent illness or injury, then you should seek medical clearance to participate.

How do I get started?
Simply contact Get Fit on 0424 45 0424 or jason@getfittas.com.au and we will get you started and help you reach your health and fitness goals sooner rather than later.


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