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Hello again! Hopefully we’ll answer any questions you might have about running with us here, if not please get in touch so we can give you the answers!!

Q: Seriously, I know every running program says they’re suitable for beginners…but I haven’t run since primary school. Are your sessions are suitable for beginners?
A: Well…seriously back atcha, we have new runners coming to our sessions all the time. We work with you at whatever level you’re at, and our sessions are structured so you work at the pace and intensity that’s right for you.

We know it can be daunting coming to run with a new group, but the benefits will very quickly outweigh any first session nerves. Our group is really friendly, encouraging and supportive of one-another. You’ll be sure to find someone who runs at a similar pace to you – which is great for company, and someone who runs slightly faster than you – which is a great way to push yourself.

A lot of our runners considered running a solitary pursuit before they came to us, and while there is absolutely a time and place for getting out there by yourself, running with a group can spur you on to longer distances/faster times/different events….general all round greatness really!


Q: What if everyone is way fitter/faster than me and I hold everyone up or get left behind?
A: We structure our sessions so you can’t even tell who’s ‘in front’ or who’s ‘behind’ - we’re normally running laps (of the ath’s track or oval, or repeats (a certain distance out and back). We do our warm-up and cool down as a group, but for the rest of the session trust us when we say everyone is focused on their own efforts and huffing out words of encouragement to each other – not keeping track of who is ‘in front’ and who is ‘behind’.

Q: How long does the session go for?

A: Our group training sessions normally run for 60 minutes, but the amount of running you do within that time will depend on your level of fitness, current training and experience.  Our training programs include a huge range of sessions, from 20 minutes up to 2.5hours or more, depending on what you’re training for.

Q: Do I need to run lots of kilometers and hills?

A: It is completely up to you as to the amount of kilometers and hills you want to run.  If you’re training a specific event and/or distance, we can help with advice on the sorts of distances and terrain you should be covering. We do run specific sessions of hill repetitions and longer runs however these sessions are optional. In saying that…there is no doubt that hill sessions give you the most bang-for-your-buck in terms of benefit gained from time spent running. Do a few hill sessions with us, feel stuffed, swiftly followed by awesome (‘cause you totally deserve too!) and we guarantee you’ll notice the difference in your running. Before you know it, you’ll be coming back for more.

Q: This one’s from us! Do you need (an excuse for) a holiday?
A: YES! Don’t we all!! You might like to know some of the events our Get Fit runners have taken part in or are currently training for include:

  • Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon
  • Gold Coast Marathon
  • Motatapu Off Road Marathon (Wanaka, NZ)
  • Great Ocean Road full and half marathons
  • Maybank Bali Marathon (Bali)
  • City to Surf (Sydney)
  • Bubble Run (USA)


And locally…

  • Launceston 10
  • B&E Hobart Run The Bridge
  • Burnie 10
  • City to Casino
  • Mothers Day Classic 
  • Point to Pinnacle


Q: Will I look silly participating?

A: I’m just going to copy the answer from over on the Group Fitness FAQ page…cause really, the answer stays the same no matter what the exercise:

Everyone is there for the same reason, to improve their fitness, health and wellbeing. Apart from the fact the crew are so lovely you won’t even be thinking about looking silly once you get to know them, I can guarantee you people just aren’t thinking about what other people look like when they exercise. In the 60 minutes we’re together, everyone is focused on pushing themselves to get the best results they can for themselves, and on helping others achieve their best results. And that, my friend, is exactly as it should be!

We do have fun and have a good laugh at each session, but it’s absolutely, without doubt or hesitation, NOT about making people feel embarrassed or excluded.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You’ll need to bring a water bottle, and wear clothes suitable for exercising in. Especially important for running, is to make sure you have a pair of correctly fitted joggers in good condition. If you are still rocking the same kicks you had in high school, please…go to a sports store and get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes. If we only get one thing through to you, we’d really like for it to be this. Wearing poorly fitting, old joggers can lead to ongoing niggles and even serious injury which can mean weeks – or worse, months! – off running. Save yourself the time off, and the expense of ongoing medical and physio appointments by getting yourself the right pair of new joggers when you’re starting out!

Q: Will I get stronger/fitter/lose weight/tone up <insert miraculous health benefit here>?
A: Yes, absolutely! If you are prepared to put in the hard work and be commitment you will notice definite improvement in your functional strength and fitness. Our members have and still are seeing improvement and great results since starting running with Get Fit.


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Harden up, Cool Kids! Check out our answer to this on the Group Fitness FAQ page, and also….check out this bad boy below to get you off the couch and out the door!


Q: What happens if I can't run due to an injury or other medical condition?

A: We will modify your run or days to suit individuals if they require this.
We’ve got runners coming back from injury, runners who are super fast over short distances, runners who are steady over longer distances, and runners of every speed/shape/ability/level of experience in between.

Get Fit has many clients with pre-existing injuries and they have found that with the right exercises and supervision, running has helped the recovery of their injury/condition. All our trainers have completed their first aid training.  Get Fit has a qualified massage therapist who is always available to treat clients.

Q: Where, when and how?
A: Head on over to our Group Fitness calendar to check out our running sessions.
For an individual consultation and training program give Jase a holler on Jason@getfittas.com.au or 0424 450 424.

Q: Do I need a medical clearance?
Yes please! If you are male and over 40, female over 45, have not exercised for two years or more or have a current or recent illness or injury, then you should seek medical clearance to participate.
At the very least please flag any health issues or injuries with us on your enrolment form so we can have a chat with you. So you we’ve amped you up to pound* the pavement with us?
(* no actual pounding takes place. We run lightly...powerfully…sleekly…like gazelle!)

Sweet! Come on over to our pricing page to check out our prices. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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